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Accommodation in Iceland

Iceland is a unique place, where different experience awaits around every corner. Our nature is different in each part of the country and navigating it is a challenge worth accepting.


We at Bed4u strive to be the place you can rest on your journey. Coming or going you have a home away from home with us, where a warm cup of coffee/tea or hot chocolate and a comfortable bed awaits just a short walk from the charming downtown Keflavík with restaurants, shops and the beautiful walkway by the sea. We look forward to having you with us.

Experience Iceland

Traveling to Iceland is an adventure , there are so many beautiful things to see and discover.

And if you are traveling in a group why not hire a private bus for your travel?

B u s 4 u

Iceland can provide a tailored tour service to meet your group requirements.

Iceland haves so much to offer such as the Northern Lights, Waterfalls, caves, whales, glaciers,

geothermal areas and more.


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